List of Products

To carry less container load(LcL)cargos to be stuffed in our three sized Cartons of your choice to Lagos Nigeria, and from there to any part of the states of the federation of Nigeria. Our aim is to alleviate this problem of not been able to send Personal effects to your relatives and loved once in Nigeria, due to trust or high cost of courier services. You are now free to use our weekly services from Yokohama to Lagos, to send your personal effects to Nigeria. Thanks to the ministry of land road and infrastructure of Japan, for licensing our company as A none vessel operating common Carrier(NVOCC), a rare authority to handle your consignments and issue a bill of lading bearing our companys' name.

Easy access to acquire Japanese products while living in Nigeria

As a hopeful purveyor of Japanese brands in Nigeria, we have created a simple way of allowing people while livings in Nigeria, to be able to place order for any Japanese  product of their choice, and our company will process their orders, upon reaching an accord, the product will be acquired and deliver to them safely and timely.

List Of Products We Can Supply

Nahfkenn Japan-Nigeria Direct has the capacity to supply a wide variety of made in Japan products allowable into Nigeria, to private, corporate and Governmental organizations. We can as well, take customers orders, process and supply them to their designated destination, after an agreement is reached.

Our list of products is as follows:

  1. Rare metal of all kinds:
    Recycled Gold/Recycled Platinum/Recycled Palladium/Recycled Rhodium/Recycled Copper Nugget/Recycled Aluminium ingots etc.
  2. New/Used Auto Spare Parts
    Engines, Tyre with rims and General Body parts
  3. New/Use Generating Machines of any capacity and Transformers.
    Denyo etc.
  4. New/Used Heavy duty machineries of any size.
    Komatsu Power shovel, Fork Lifts etc.
  5. New/Used Industrial Equipments
    Compressors. Impact Range etc.
  6. New High quality building materials both for interior & exterior
  7. High Precision Instrument/Tools
    Those designed for very accurate work, measurements, etc.
  8. Hospital Equipments
  9. New General Electric/ Electrical goods
  10. Oil and Gas drilling Equipments
  11. Stationaries
    Books on Japanese Language, culture, Comics and Novels etc.
  12. New/Used Office Equipments
    Desk, Chairs, Fax/Photocopy Machine, Laptop/ Desktop computers,etc
  13. Cooking Utensils Of all Kinds
  14. Hand Craft, Emblems, Badges and Novelties, etc.
  15. Indispensable General goods to human life
  16. New/Used Mechanized Agricultural and Irrigation Equipments
    Tractors, planters, harvesters, pumping Machine/hose, etc.

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