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First in Japan! Link Japan-Nigeria through trade & investment promotions!! Nahfkenn Japan-nigeria Direct LcL Services & e-commerce

Kennedy Fintan Nnaji


Over the years, it has been my inspiration to play a micro role in bringing Japan-Nigeria relations more closer through trade and investment promotions. As a long time resident and admirer of Japan, I understand some of the difficulties faced by our people here, and back in Nigeria. Taking cognizance that Language barriers, trust etc, has always posed a serious threat when it comes to business transactions between Japan and Nigeria. To alleviate these problems, Nahfkenn Associates Plc. Japan, has created an easy and trustworthy way of doing business between Japan and Nigeria, through our new company, Nahfkenn Japan-Nigeria Direct. A company that offers LcL & E-Commerce services. My new company will promote and market made in Japan brands in Nigeria, and also market Japanese culture. A culture that I cherish and deemed necessary for my country. On the other hand, Nahfkenn will introduce and market abundant raw materials from Nigeria, needed and allowable into Japan, for Industrial use.

With our vast experiences in forwarding cargos to West African States, and our capabilities of running a corporate organization for fifteen consecutive years here in Japan and also back in Nigeria, I am confident to say, we will rely on our expertise in responding to a wide variety of customers needs. We have the honour, and will be privileged to serve as your bridge between Japan and West Africa, particularly Nigeria for now, and to other African States in future.

Our challenges as a company who wants to build an institution that will be timeless in its' relevance, through online trade links(E-Commerce)between Japan and Nigeria may be new. the instruments with which we meet them may be new. But those values upon which our success depends- honesty and hard work, courage and fair play, tolerance and curiosity, loyalty and patriotism- these things are old. these things are true. Nahfken had long taken note of these natural nous, and has chosen to do it right at the first time, there is no explanation for failure.