Nahfkenn Japan-Nigeria
Direct LCL Service

Nahfkenn Associates Plc, Japan, has introduced the first of its' kind LCL Services for west Africa-known as “nahfkenn Japan-Nigeria Direct LCL Services”, in July 2015.
This will be a unique service that will send your cargo safely, quickly and reliably into inland West Africa, with our base in Lagos-Nigeria.
It will also serve as a representative of corporate and private organizations in West Africa, who seek to acquire Japanese high quality, made in Japan products for their private uses.

First Unique
LCL Service in Japan

Your consignments no matter how little, will be delivered to any part of Nigeria, and can also be collected from our office in Lagos. There will be no re-packaging of goods on the way, a real meaning of ,’direct LCL Service. We also can acquire and deliver all kinds of made in Japan products, upon quest of orders from our customers in Nigeria.

Punctuality is the sole
of business

Stable transport weekly schedule.
Shipments departs Yokohama Ports every week, reaching Nigeria between 45 to 50days.

Supper all in rate

High Quality Service at a reasonable cost. We accept only less container load(LCL)cargos. To minimize cost, and offer accurate measurements, we have three sized Nahfkenn Cartons, with three different price tags for your choices. In case of oversaized goods,please contact us for details.

Price List

Small Size $400 / Medium Size $550 / Large Size $1200

With our vast experiences in forwarding cargos to regions of the West Africa States,
and for the fact that we have our vision as, to build an institution that will be timeless in it's relevance,
we rely on our capabilities and expertise in responding to a wide variety of customer needs.
We have the honour to serve as your bridge between Japan and West Africa, particularly Nigeria.